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Month: March 2017

Types Of Motored Bicycles

Vehicles with two wheels were introduced a long time ago and also, you would be surprised to hear that bicycles that run on electricity were patented in late 1890s. From that time, a lot has changed and bicycles have become one of the most versatile methods of transportation. It is healthy, smooth and create less consequences compared to vehicles that run on fossil fuel. However, there is a vast amount of bicycles in the market that run on external power. Most of them use a battery powered motor and some has different mechanisms in driving the wheels. However, there are only two main categories in e-bicycles that one can easily determine.

Hub motor type

Basically, bicycles that have an electric motor attached to one of its wheels with a hub is belong to hub motor type. This motor could be mounted on to the front wheel of the bicycle or on to the rear wheel. Both those mechanisms are available and both of them have pros and cons. Bicycles that have a motor attached to the front wheel are easier to handle since the bicycle is pulled forward by the motor rotation and it is pushed forward as well, by the pedaling movement. Most of the Cyclocross bikes adapt this feature. This hub motor type has two sub categories; direct drive and geared motor. Simply, direct drive motor controlled bicycles are more durable and they do not produce excessive noise because they don’t include any other moving part other than the motor axle. Geared motor type however, generates unwanted sounds when in operation because of the added extra cog wheels, but it can support higher torques.

Mid drive E-bikes

Second type of e-bicycles is the mid drive type. These bicycles include a motor mechanism attached to the mid or to the drive train of the foot bicycle and it makes the movements smoother. Also, these type of bicycles have a higher stability due to the lower center of gravity. This motor mechanism reduces the load on the pedal chain as well. Click here for more details on choosing the best bicycles for you.

One of the most important and thing about e-bicycles is that you can convert vintage Retro bikes in to versatile e-bikes using conversion kits. There is a lot of types of kits that can transform your conventional bicycle in to an advanced motor powered vehicle and most of those kits are very easy to use as well.If you like pedaling and cycling, you can try out these bikes for a change and if you own a conventional bicycle, try transforming it to an advanced yet versatile single track vehicle. In this case Bicycle Superstore will help you to find the best bikes.

Tips for Organizing An Event

Regardless of if you are a seasoned event planner and organizer or just a beginner, it is always a nerve wracking case filled with immense pressure. If perfectly done, it can get you noticed by the higher ups as they will appreciate the responsibility you took on to yourself and how you handled it well. If you mess it up though you can expect the opposite to happen. If you had an unlimited budget, plenty of time and even more helpers it is an easy task to organize an event that will create plenty of the wow factor, but in real life scenarios, you are given a short time period to organize things and there is always a budget so it is best that you focus on the main points and issues to ensure that the party goes on without a hitch.

It is first important to decide what type of event you are planning out. Is it a corporate dinner or is it something recreational like going for fishing charters at Townsville prices http://www.crackfish.com/. If you are in charge of hosting an event like that, the first thing you should do is decide on an appropriate location. The place you decide on should be easily accessible and should not be too remote from the city the company is as the journey might prove to be too long and hectic for most people.

After this is done you should contact a couple of reputed companies who specialize in corporate fishing charters. Most of these companies have varying prices so the best thing to do is to research online or ask around and check with multiple companies about their costs, the services they offer and inquire around about the quality of their service from people who have been there.

If you have to host an event like a dinner or something similar, the first thing to do is it find a great speaker at the event. Think well of the type of people attending the event and also think about your company and its goals and what the guests at the event will want to hear and bring along a speaker who can give a brilliant and detailed presentation that will leave your guests enthralled. Ask the speakers to avoid self-promoting the company and themselves and lay down the necessary guidelines, the maximum duration of the speech and what you expect from their speech. Spend a lot of time deciding on the menu as this is the backbone of the whole event. It is of utmost importance that the menu is on point.

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